Volume 2 is a focused collection of work created during a workshop on information disorder which was conducted during the Double Exposure Symposium in 2019. The objective of the workshop; to identify and understand the types of information disorder, and then to use art as a mechanism for exploring potential solutions to information disorder and truth decay. This volume is available as both a print and download, intended to be used as a workbook or guide for further discussion and creative solutions.


First Draft - Verification Essentials
First Draft - Information Disorder
George Mason University - Conspiracy Theory Handbook
DataJournalism - Verification Handbook
NPR - Comic/spot fake news
Shorenstein Center/Harvard - Information Disorder Lab
Bellingcat - Resources video
Dart Center - User Guide
Amnesty International - Citizen Evidence
Atlantic Council - Disinformation 
RAND Corp. - Truth Decay
SJN - COVID-19 story tracker
PressThink - problems
Axios - Combating Coronavirus Misinformation
Graphika - Reports
Frontline Club - Recorded panel discussion on disinformation, 4.7.20
ProPublica - Investigating A Viral Video 4.10.20
Wolfram Alpha